Haiti Country Manager | BSc (Arch), MArch

Camille graduated with a master in Architecture and Urban Design at the Architecture School of Versailles. After supporting his thesis project about the social and architectural consequences of Hong Kong's land speculation, he joined in 2014 Proctor and Matthews Architects in London. 

Before joining EVA studio, Camille worked in Paris, Brussels and London, experiencing various types of architectural projects, from small event installations to larger residential schemes. This experience gave him a very versatile set of management and design skills.

Camille joined EVA Studio in 2018 as the Haitian Country Project Manager. He will lead all Haitian projects and liaise with clients and community groups, whilst maintaining a fluid communication with the London design team.

Joining EVA studio is a great opportunity for him to work for an international practice with a strong social agenda that promotes a community-based participatory design.