"Terrain Campeche" is one the three public spaces built by EVA Studio in the framework of the LAMIKA Program.  

In connection to the other two public spaces in the neighborhood, it provides the community with a much wished service/equipment: an equipped fenced football pitch.

The football pitch of Campêche is well known in the area as it has been hosting many tournaments where the youth of the area can showcase their talents.

Terrain Campeche offers a service, that attracts people from other neighbourhoods to Carrefour-Feuilles. The project’s the goal was to give a new life to the existing field with a new artificial turf (easy to maintain) and to provide the community a new main road accessible by vehicles. The space is cured by its users on a daily basis.


CREDITS:  Anna Calogero, Samuel Eliodor, Jeannie S. Lee, Andrea Panizzo, Edoardo Paoletti, Etienne Pernot du Breuil, Gianluca Stefani.