Located in the Cap Haitien Development Corridor, Village La Différence consists of 750 housing units (phase 1), associated roads and community infrastructure. The new homes are intended for households displaced by the 2010 earthquake, as well as other vulnerable households living in substandard or at-risk housing conditions. While most of phase one development of Caracol EKAM is complete, much of the site remains undeveloped and unplanned. Global Communities engaged EVA studio in developing concept designs for two public space sites within Village La Différence, Caracol. 

The concept design for the two sites introduces organic geometries into the existing master plan, which is quite rigid and regimented. The two locations will house most of the community’s green space and public functions. The lines from the orthogonal master plan are drawn through the sites to provide connectivity, both physical and visual; these pathways are then traversed with curved paths, which direct users to the various elements on the site. The building design for the community centre and assembly hall also take their cues from the arched pathways.

CREDITS: Jeannie S. Lee, Andrea Panizzo, Gianluca Stefani.