As part of J/P HRO’s Education Revitalization Project, the Ecole de l’Espoir (School of Hope) will be relocated to Delmas 32 in a new facility to extend educational services to the most vulnerable children of Delmas 32, including those with physical and cognitive difficulties. EVA was engaged to design a fully accessible building compliant with standards of the Office of the Secretary of State and the Integration of people with disabilities (BSEIH) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) for 210 students.

The design concept aims to create a campus environment for the school through terraced massing organised into smaller pavilions, which house different functions. The accessible ramps serve as the main means of navigating through the school campus. The accessible ramps act as ‘streets’ for all to communicate with the school and site enjoying the campus setting. These campus ‘streets’ take the place of traditional corridors and invite the users to engage with the site and the school community, giving clear sight lines of the overall project and site. The organisation of the pavilions around a common flat/level landscaped courtyard allows ease of communication between the classrooms and administrative functions.

CREDITS: Jeannie S. Lee, Andrea Panizzo, Edoardo Paoletti, Gianluca Stefani, Radim Tkadlec.