Project Architect | BSc (Arch), MArch, ARB

Born in Venice, Gianluca graduated from the IUAV with a Master of Architecture in 2014. His thesis subject was the development of a diffused museum, located in the now-dismissed Venice’s offshore islands. The project consisted in the design of several pavilions, one for each artificial island established in the XVII century by the Serenissima Republic as the main defensive system of the city and the lagoon.  

His past work experience in Venice and Lisbon includes practices such as Pedro Reis. In Venice, he had the opportunity to work on a range of projects in historical contexts, amongst which the restoration of the Benedictine monastery on San Giorgio’s island, originally designed by Andrea Palladio.

Since its formation in 2015, Gianluca brought to EVA Studio a rich spectrum of experience, from in-depth studies of the historical roots and identity of a place. With his sophisticated and sensible approach to the relationship between Architecture and its context, within the EVA team, Gianluca has passionately contributed to problem-solving and innovative designs.

Gianluca is a UK registered architect since 2018 (ARB number: 091266B).

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